10 Ways to Engage your Attendees at Live Virtual Events

With the world becoming more digital, in-person meetings have shifted to an online platform. Even in live virtual events, attendees form a pivotal part. Although virtual meetings can globally connect to remote audiences, it can be challenging to retain audience engagement.

This is because while sitting in front of the computer, a distraction is just a click away. Leveraging event management technology and little creativity can- Partyinkers, the professional in town to help the audience remain active and engaged.

A Unique Content

While organizing a virtual event, content plays an essential role in enticing the audience to join the event. A well-written blog specifying the critical aspects of the events, highlights from the keynote speakers. In addition, the inclusion of media and short videos will draw attention.

Improved Production Quality

For making the virtual conference a huge success, organizers must focus on the production quality of the event. For example, adding better cameras, mics, branded backdrops, and enhancing the quality of PowerPoint. Special attention must be given on camera and lighting angles. A good quality video with graphics will keep the audience engaged.

Live Polling and Surveys

During the event, organizers can set up virtual polling systems, which will keep the audience attentive throughout the event. It also helps to understand the feedback from the attendees.

Send Push Notifications

Incorporating the idea of push notification will grab the attention of the audience. Organizers can use push notification to let the audience about any exciting deal, share interesting facts. Or even give a reminder before starting the event.

Add Spirit Days to the Calendar

This is one idea that virtual event organizers can follow if they have a prolonged live virtual event, which lasts more than a day. So to makes the event fun-filled, add a spirit calendar that includes jersey days, hat days, etc. This will let the audience take part and post pictures for a social media challenge.

Scope for Live Q&A

One compelling way of keeping the audience engaged is by hosting a live Q&A session. Where participants can ask direct questions to the guest speakers and industry leaders. An excellent presentation will compel participants to ask questions.

Surveys and Knowledge Tests

Challenges can be an exciting way of understanding audience engagement. Send out a survey after every session or offer a knowledge-test. For events on educational content, this is a great tool.

Build a Strong Network

Leveraging attest flicks of technology connect audiences from the attendee list based on shared interests, shared event goals, or random matches. For instance, building a network on a virtual event platform will keep the audience engaged and help them make valuable connections

Incorporate Live Keynotes

Inspirational, educational, and engaging live keynotes can grab the attention of the audience. For instance, if a virtual event has several sessions, adding a live theme creates excitement among the participants.

Offer Incentives

Corporate gifts are an integral part of an in-person meeting. So leveraging a similar concept offer discounted codes at the time of registration to the attendees or send them personalized gifts. By using the Virtual Event Printing web link, where participants are free to grab any gift of their choice.


A live virtual event is not an online version of an in-person meeting. Instead, in the digital media platform, organizers have to think outside the box and instill creativity, to present an engaging video session. The main focus of these meetings is to reach out to the target audience. For instance, the importance of keeping them engaged with using various strategies, and follow up even after the event is over.

Corporate Gifts

Corporate gifts are promotional gifts or promotional products given to employees, clients, and customers thanking them for their business and long-lasting relationship. Corporate Gifts are a good way to show appreciation and love towards all. At times, for exemplary work and sometimes to promote the company`s image and brand.

Nowadays, the new upcoming trend has been influenced by the Westernised corporate gifting culture of customized gifts. A cash gift is not very much appreciated as it seems like a bribe. But a customized gift remains a memory and can be cherished for years together. There are professionals who can produce a certain quality of corporate gifts and they can actually awe your clients.

It is not the employees and clients alone who are given gifts; corporates also make their shareholders, suppliers and dealers happy with gifts. This is to express their gratitude for their continuous support provided to the company.  Sometimes they are also given as a part of the organisational culture and corporate governance.

Few precautions before Gifting:

  • Any gift with less or no value might embarrass the client or employee.
  • Gifts with wrong impressions might let down the company`s brand, value, and image in the eyes of the recipient.
  • It is better to avoid high-end gifts like cars or villas.

There are many gift options available but gifting your clients or employees with items that would interest them would be the best choice.

Some easy tips and suggestions to make your gifting pattern fabulous:

  • Gift your employees and customers creatively with handcrafted items, home-made clothing, or food items. This will be a great surprise for them.
  • Know their birthdays and birthstones and plan your gifts accordingly.
  • Gifts can be based on various themes and knowing clients’ interests and hobbies and design the gift options based on that.
  • Some gift cards come with value so the money that comes from purchase through a gift card will go for a good cause like supporting an orphanage or for educational purposes.
  • Gifts can also replicate the personality of a person so this will show how important they are to the sender.
  • Gifts can also be in the form of necessities so for eg: it is perfect to gift a newly married couple with a household.
  • The gifts given to employees should make them realize their importance in the company.


There is an ocean of choices available for corporate gifting. Few of them are:

  • Food items
  • Electronic items
  • Office stationery
  • Gift cards in the form of e-cards
  • Event or movie tickets
  • Tours and trips

Customization has been a trend lately, and it’s all about personalizing without being too personal.

So don’t be afraid, check out the Ministry of Print Official Website now to get the best advice in town!


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5 Christmas Fringe Activities you will find in Singapore

During the Christmas season, you can find an unbelievable list of Christmas fringe activities. Let us read about the top activities which people love to do during this season:

Which activity is the best for teams?

Christmas Fringe Activities that bonds everybody!

Decorating the Christmas tree would be exciting, as it is an activity that can be done as a team. Depending on the room size, the team can choose the height of the tree. A taller one is more exciting as it has more scope for decorating. The next step would be to buy/gather all the ornaments, toys, and gifts and tying them up in the tree.

Youngsters are crazy about the way these trees are lighted. Usually, the traditional way of decorating the tree is slightly changed to appeal to the younger generation. For example, the entire tree is buzzing with colors, and anything from a hair clip to the bracelet is used up as a decoration. Finally, snowflake replicas can be carefully added to the top of the trees. A lot of Christmas cards are used for decorating the trees.

What can be done for fun-lovers?

The next best fringe activity is the unbeatable Chris mom and Chris’s child. This inevitably breaks the ice and deepens the bonding between the team. It has the best suspense and thrill factor, and on the final day, all would be very happy. Every Chris child does the dressing up or doing activities entirely given by the mom. Likewise, everyone wants to provide a unique and fun task to their Chris child. On the internet, one can search for the funniest and enjoyable tasks.

For example, they are asking the child to repeat a sentence before starting each conversation. Sometimes fun lovers even ask them to wear up some funny make-ups or costumes. Taking away gifts for completing the task makes sure that fun and memory lasts for years.

Is there an event for the foodies too?

Nobody can resists the delicious Christmas Themed Food!

In Singapore, you can see people from various cultures co-existing together, and Christmas fringe activities help them to appreciate each other. For example, baking a cake for the team is the most voted Christmas fringe activities Singapore. It can be done in two ways. Mixing up the flour is done as a team, and everyone loves to add fruits and nuts to make it the best. This is growing as a corporate tradition and is effectively used even as a promotion event. When it is conducted as a team event, each one bakes some stuff like cupcakes or cookies and brings them.

These are finally shared and eaten just like the pot meal events. Another form of this event is the cookie exchange wherein people bring a lot of their cookies. These are exchanged among the team and eaten together. Culinary exchange truly sets the taste buds appealing and makes to love the other person’s culture.

Each year there is a growing list of Christmas fringe activities like wrapping a gift, making holiday cards, customizing gifts virtually, decorating ginger houses, or taking photos with reindeer horns or Santa caps. Some activities, like having a chocolate party, are also done in outdoor venues.

At times, it is good to offer your corporate clients some personalized gifts that will make their Christmas even more special and memorable. Personalized Corporate gifts will also strengthen the bond and relationship with your clients.


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How to Price Custom cookies Singapore?

Are you a home baker or a professional baker planning to start your own venture? Are you looking at the lucrative market of customised baked goods? Then there are some points that you need to keep in mind before deciding the prices of your baked goodies. This will be useful when you decide to launch new products like custom cookies singapore or special goodies.

The process of deciding the price of customised cookies is slightly more complex. The reason is that each order may require you to use different ingredients and molds. This is the main reason that custom baked cookies are more expensive than the usual ones.

  1. Some countries and states need you to have a license to sell the special products created by you. Small scale baking ventures are exempt from the same in some places. Check this point before you decide to start your business.
  2. Bakeries have to pay for utilities and staff and other expenses. The home bakers do not need to pay for a license fee and the related expenditure is also controlled.
  3. Recipe costing is a process that will help you to decide on the cost versus the price. It will tell you what you must charge the customers to make a fair amount of profit. This is also important to ensure that the venture is profitable enough to sustain for longer. Work out the cost of each ingredient, and resource to get the right numbers.
  4. The measurement of the ingredients must be done carefully to ensure that it is standardized. This will help to create final products that perfectly match the description agreed with the clients. This will also help you to find out the cost of each ingredient and product that you create so carefully.
  5. The custom cookies singapore may need to be baked separately impacting your usual baking process. This may hamper the routine sales and so you must factor this in while deciding the cost of a special order.
  6. Factor in the time that you will spend on the exclusive batch of cookies. The more intricate the designs and packaging process the more expensive the cookies can be.
  7. The average price of cookies has to be competitive with other sellers to be profitable for you and yet be attractive enough for the customers. The usual price of custom cookies in Singapore is 25 Dollars and above for a bag of ten cookies.
  8. Consider the monetary value that needs to be recovered due to the power bill, money paid to a helper, the initial costs of setting the place up.
  9. Some batches of cookies may be spoiled due to mistakes in the process or some cookies may get burnt. You will have to ensure that such losses are also recovered from the sales.
  10. Keep in mind the seasonal demand. There is fluctuation in the demand for custom cookies singapore. You can price the cookies according to the demand. During festive seasons there is more demand and you should be ready to take advantage of this.

However, you price custom cookies singapore, ensure that you maintain good quality and use the best ingredients. You will never fall short of customers.

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How To Make Your Wedding Photobooth Unique?

Wedding photo booths, have, in recent times, steadily gained popularity. Apart from planning various wedding activities like photographers, DJs, bridal salons, florists, jewellers, wedding bands, caterers, and lightings, bride and groom are also investing time in planning their unique wedding photobooth. Backdrop plays a major role in making a wedding photo booth unique. Mostly people prefer investing in the least expensive, yet unique and creative wedding photo booth backdrops.

Wedding Planners And Wedding Photobooth:

Most couples will seek support from a wedding planner in organizing their wedding photobooth. As the wedding planner is very much aware about the bride and groom’s requirement, he/she would suggest a wedding photo booth that matches both the wedding theme and the personality of the bride and groom. To make your wedding photobooth unique, wedding planners would take suggestions and inputs in order to personalise the required style. Also it is important to set a budget for the wedding photobooth and discuss with the wedding planner to have a hassle free wedding party.

Unique Wedding Photobooth Ideas:

To make your wedding photobooth unique, DIY wedding photobooth would be a great option. Wedding photo booths should be lively and ensure that the wedding guests are engaged. There are few unique photobooth ideas which would suit every wedding requirement:

• One simple wedding photobooth backdrop is suspending different fabrics. The fabric and frame used should be unique and colourful to be bright on photos. These fabrics should also merge with the wedding theme.
• Hay bales wedding photobooth are great for outdoor wedding. These are also relatively cheap and different. Hay bales along with vintage frames will definitely create memorable photos.
• A fresh flower wall backdrop is an all time favourite for wedding photobooth. These can be made creative and unique by hanging in different patterns and shades to match the wedding theme. These flowers can be ordered from florist or prepared a day prior to the wedding.
• A mosquito netted sofa photobooth is unique and gives a classy outlook. It is essential to give an antique look to this photobooth by setting a vintage sofa or even a bench with some pillows along with antique tables. Everyone will love striking a pose in this vintage setup.
• Hanging curtains, hearts or other shapes are also great wedding backdrops. These hanging curtains should be made colourful and be accompanied with stylish properties.
• A flower garland backdrop made with cocktail napkins is less expensive, easy to make and unique.
• Suspended carnation backdrop is sure to be an eye catcher. These simple garlands are very pleasing and easy to make with a needle and a fishing line.
• How about adding some dimensions to the wedding backdrop. Photobooth with geometric drop cloth is definitely trendy and different.
• Wedding photobooth with a giant frame which could fit in an entire family is enjoyable and entertaining.
• Wall hangings with lace canvases, macramé yarns, vines, paper flowers and giant heart balloons also are options.
• Giant paper flower garden and 1920s paper moon style are also unique.

Corporate Gifts – Personalized Yet Not Personal

The Corporate Personal Touch!

With festive time around the corner, surprise your clients and colleagues with great gift hampers and bring a smile to their face. Gifting is a way of saying that we care for you! Show your care with the nicest gift, and personalize it as much as you can. Receiving a gift from the organisation with a few heart-warming words can do the magic and motivate employees to deliver to the fullest.

It is important to give gifts that are personalized without being too personal. The list of personalized gifts includes products such as coffee mugs, electronics and home products. These days the variety to offer your colleagues, employees and clients are plenty. You can even give vouchers for shopping or event tickets to employees as a gift. Or arrange for short and memorable trips to rejuvenate your staff. You
could also organize cultural shows to help employees unwind and recharge for the upcoming quarter.

It isn’t always necessary to assume that festive bonus is the only choice available for corporates. If you are a small business, a bonus might be preferable. Big businesses or startups choose other unconventional gifting ideas for employees. You could surprise your employees by leaving a neatly wrapped gift and a personal message on their desks. Many managers in companies do this to motivate their subordinates.

You could gift a photo frame, only instead of an empty frame; you put a family picture of the employee or an award receiving or achievement picture. Such a gift takes the employee down the memory lane and makes them feel valued in your company. Some organisations take a little extra effort when it comes to gifting. They always want the employees and clients to go back with a feel-good factor. And that is why a company does a lot of brainstorming, fixing up with the right vendor and getting the perfect quality at a good price.

Corporates are always looking for simple yet sophisticated personalized gifts for employees. Personalization of gifts can be easily done on mugs or photo frames. Personalization also includes printing of your brand logo on pen drives and other electronic products. These are personal gifts offered by the company, which can be used by the employee, instead of just storing it up someplace. By giving personalized gifts to clients and employees, you are creating an emotional bond and forging loyalty.

So, this festive season, do not focus on giving something common. Try your hands on something that makes your client and your employees feel good. Be it a chocolate basket or a dry fruit hamper, leave a personal message and your colleagues, clients or employees will definitely treasure it. Do your bit in the best way possible; all it takes is a small gesture of giving. Find a corporate gifts supplier and get started today!

With a wide variety of options available out there, be sure to choose the perfect one for a perfect new year! From calendars to mugs, plan your gifting pattern in advance and it will do wonders at your workplace.