How to Price Custom cookies Singapore?

Are you a home baker or a professional baker planning to start your own venture? Are you looking at the lucrative market of customised baked goods? Then there are some points that you need to keep in mind before deciding the prices of your baked goodies. This will be useful when you decide to launch new products like custom cookies singapore or special goodies.

The process of deciding the price of customised cookies is slightly more complex. The reason is that each order may require you to use different ingredients and molds. This is the main reason that custom baked cookies are more expensive than the usual ones.

  1. Some countries and states need you to have a license to sell the special products created by you. Small scale baking ventures are exempt from the same in some places. Check this point before you decide to start your business.
  2. Bakeries have to pay for utilities and staff and other expenses. The home bakers do not need to pay for a license fee and the related expenditure is also controlled.
  3. Recipe costing is a process that will help you to decide on the cost versus the price. It will tell you what you must charge the customers to make a fair amount of profit. This is also important to ensure that the venture is profitable enough to sustain for longer. Work out the cost of each ingredient, and resource to get the right numbers.
  4. The measurement of the ingredients must be done carefully to ensure that it is standardized. This will help to create final products that perfectly match the description agreed with the clients. This will also help you to find out the cost of each ingredient and product that you create so carefully.
  5. The custom cookies singapore may need to be baked separately impacting your usual baking process. This may hamper the routine sales and so you must factor this in while deciding the cost of a special order.
  6. Factor in the time that you will spend on the exclusive batch of cookies. The more intricate the designs and packaging process the more expensive the cookies can be.
  7. The average price of cookies has to be competitive with other sellers to be profitable for you and yet be attractive enough for the customers. The usual price of custom cookies in Singapore is 25 Dollars and above for a bag of ten cookies.
  8. Consider the monetary value that needs to be recovered due to the power bill, money paid to a helper, the initial costs of setting the place up.
  9. Some batches of cookies may be spoiled due to mistakes in the process or some cookies may get burnt. You will have to ensure that such losses are also recovered from the sales.
  10. Keep in mind the seasonal demand. There is fluctuation in the demand for custom cookies singapore. You can price the cookies according to the demand. During festive seasons there is more demand and you should be ready to take advantage of this.

However, you price custom cookies singapore, ensure that you maintain good quality and use the best ingredients. You will never fall short of customers.

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