10 Ways to Engage your Attendees at Live Virtual Events

With the world becoming more digital, in-person meetings have shifted to an online platform. Even in live virtual events, attendees form a pivotal part. Although virtual meetings can globally connect to remote audiences, it can be challenging to retain audience engagement.

This is because while sitting in front of the computer, a distraction is just a click away. Leveraging event management technology and little creativity can- Partyinkers, the professional in town to help the audience remain active and engaged.

A Unique Content

While organizing a virtual event, content plays an essential role in enticing the audience to join the event. A well-written blog specifying the critical aspects of the events, highlights from the keynote speakers. In addition, the inclusion of media and short videos will draw attention.

Improved Production Quality

For making the virtual conference a huge success, organizers must focus on the production quality of the event. For example, adding better cameras, mics, branded backdrops, and enhancing the quality of PowerPoint. Special attention must be given on camera and lighting angles. A good quality video with graphics will keep the audience engaged.

Live Polling and Surveys

During the event, organizers can set up virtual polling systems, which will keep the audience attentive throughout the event. It also helps to understand the feedback from the attendees.

Send Push Notifications

Incorporating the idea of push notification will grab the attention of the audience. Organizers can use push notification to let the audience about any exciting deal, share interesting facts. Or even give a reminder before starting the event.

Add Spirit Days to the Calendar

This is one idea that virtual event organizers can follow if they have a prolonged live virtual event, which lasts more than a day. So to makes the event fun-filled, add a spirit calendar that includes jersey days, hat days, etc. This will let the audience take part and post pictures for a social media challenge.

Scope for Live Q&A

One compelling way of keeping the audience engaged is by hosting a live Q&A session. Where participants can ask direct questions to the guest speakers and industry leaders. An excellent presentation will compel participants to ask questions.

Surveys and Knowledge Tests

Challenges can be an exciting way of understanding audience engagement. Send out a survey after every session or offer a knowledge-test. For events on educational content, this is a great tool.

Build a Strong Network

Leveraging attest flicks of technology connect audiences from the attendee list based on shared interests, shared event goals, or random matches. For instance, building a network on a virtual event platform will keep the audience engaged and help them make valuable connections

Incorporate Live Keynotes

Inspirational, educational, and engaging live keynotes can grab the attention of the audience. For instance, if a virtual event has several sessions, adding a live theme creates excitement among the participants.

Offer Incentives

Corporate gifts are an integral part of an in-person meeting. So leveraging a similar concept offer discounted codes at the time of registration to the attendees or send them personalized gifts. By using the Virtual Event Printing web link, where participants are free to grab any gift of their choice.


A live virtual event is not an online version of an in-person meeting. Instead, in the digital media platform, organizers have to think outside the box and instill creativity, to present an engaging video session. The main focus of these meetings is to reach out to the target audience. For instance, the importance of keeping them engaged with using various strategies, and follow up even after the event is over.